Members of the Board



Claude Schauerte, President

Claude Schauerte grew up in Klosters and has been running his family’s local watch and jewellery business in the second generation since 2009. He has strong roots in the village of Klosters and loves the intact mountain world as well as the familiar, but also cosmopolitan village character.
For years, he has been committed to the tourism and cultural development of the alpine health resort. As a member of the newly founded tourism council, he is actively involved in shaping the future of the destination Klosters.
In 2010, Claude Schauerte, together with Geoff Richards, founded the now traditional and extremely popular Christmas concerts in Klosters and played a major role in organising and financing them. With the Philharmonia Orchestra from London, the Royal College of Music and the Lund Student Singers, they brought top-class classical music to Klosters. Subsequently, they founded the Klosters Music Festival, which now also enriches the cultural life of Klosters in summer.



Monika Mark, former Vice President

Unfortunately, Monika left the Board of Directors in November 2023 for family and health reasons.

We wish her all the best and thank her for her tireless efforts over the past 4 1/2 years.



Linda Oswald

Linda Oswald has been active in the events business throughout her professional life: from 1974 to 1983 she organised the “SWISS Pavilions” for Switzerland Global Enterprise, primarily at industrial trade fairs in Eastern Europe, and then spent more than 35 years managing Koelnmesse’s offices in Switzerland as Vice Director of the German-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. As a long-standing actuary and president of the Weisslingen Tennis Club, and with over 25 years of experience as President of the Education Commission of the Association of Swiss Specialized Journalists, she has gained valuable insight and knowledge into the management of associations, which she can now fully contribute to the KLOSTERS CHRISTMAS CONCERTS as a long-standing second home owner in Klosters.

Honorary Members

Geoffrey A. Richards, Hon. RCM

Honorary President
Geoff is a co-founder of the CHRISTMAS CONCERTS KLOSTERS and was elected Honorary President at the 2021 AGM. Thanks to his good contacts with the ROYAL COLLEGE OF MUSIC, the Christmas Concerts still shine with the young and talented graduates.

Claudia Moser

Honorary member
Claudia was THE soul of the Christmas concerts and was also the driving force behind the introduction of the summer concerts.

At the 2020 General Assembly, she was the very first member to be elected to “honorary status”.